Annibale Carracci

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Annibale Carracci

Annibale Carracci, brother of Agostino Carracci and Lodovico Carracci, was raised in Bologna, and his father was a tailor. He was known as one of the respected and dynamic painters of the 16th century and the most skilled of the three painters of the Carracci family. He is acknowledged as the most important individual in the transition between the Baroque and Mannerist movements. The artist showed subtle naturalism like the famous artists Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto, and Correggio. Before starting his work as an artist, he started working with his brother and cousin. Even though Annibale didn’t come from an artist background, he had the skills and vision that made him a successful artist.

Early life

Annibale started his work as an apprentice goldsmith, and his in the early part of his training, he learned painting from his brother and cousin. His talent was recognized by one of the famous local artists, Bartolomeo. Later, Annibale started his professional career as an engraver. He worked on large prints from the age of 21. And two years later, he produced his first altarpiece painting, the Crucifixion. He could create complete compositions, and later in his life, it brought universal recognition.

Famous artworks

  • The butcher’s shop- this is a genre painting that shows butchers preparing their wares for sale. It reflects everyday Italian life during the 1500s. This artwork shows that the butcher in the center is preparing for a lamb slaughter.
  • The bean eater- just like the butcher’s shop, this painting showed a scene from everyday Italian life. In this painting, a man is eating meal onions, beans, wine, and bread.
  • Venus, Adonis, and Cupid-  here, the Cupid focuses on a story involved with the Roman poet Ovid. This painting captured the moment before the Cupid’s arrow struck Venus.
  • River landscape- this painting was made with his brother and cousin.
  • Pieta- it was one of the later works of Annibale.

Annibale Carracci died in Rome on July 15, 1609, after several years of painful sickness and seasonal production. He played a vital role in his time can be one of the founders in creating the Baroque style.