August Macke

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August Macke: a master of color painting

Macke was born on 3rd January 1887, and he was one of the leading members of the German expressionist group. He started his art education at Duesseldorf Art Academy and earned his living as a stage designer. In the early stages of his career, he chose a style known as Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, and Expressionism. The use of bright colors can be seen in most of his artworks. He didn't focus too much on detail; rather, he focused on colors that gave his work a finished composition. His balance of color and light is truly mesmerizing.

Early life and his love for colors

Switzerland and Tunisia played a big role in the artistic development of Macke. Also, Macke interacted with many famous artists of that time, and it helped him grow as a painter. Paul Klee was one of the artists who had a similar love for color to Macke. Franz Marc was very close to Macke, and they spent so much time in each other's studios. Macke contributed to the golden era in art across mainland Europe. Most of Macke's works were landscapes and cityscapes. He loved to capture natural settings with beautiful backgrounds.

Some Greatest gifts to art 

Woman in a green jacket and Milliner: woman with a parasol in front of Milliner's shop was two of the most famous artworks of Macke. He used minimal detail and further continued to paint with extremes of abstraction. Macke's other famous works were Before the hat shop, people by Blue Lake, a couple at a garden table, sunlight walk, Indians on horseback, a stroll on the bridge, a garden, and vegetable fields. All of these paintings are the example of how Macke loved to focus on colors and abstract rather than colors. His works represent moods and feelings instead of reproducing objective reality. 


After being recruited into the German Army at the beginning of World War I, he was sent to the Champagne front and was immediately killed in action at the very young age of 27.