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Agnolo Bronzino - An Italian Mannerist painter

The full name of Bronzino is Agnolo Bronzino. He was a popular Italian Mannerist painter from Florence who mainly used to make polished and elegant portraits in Mannerist style, which made him popular all over the globe. He was born in Florence on November 17, 1503, and lived there throughout his life. Agnolo Bronzino was mainly a portraitist, but he also used male painting on multiple religious subjects, including Venus, Folly, Cupid, and much more. In his thirties, he kept busy as a court painter. 

The early life of Agnolo Bronzino:

Agnolo Bronzino, the great Italian painter, was the son of a butcher. He was the leading painter of the mid-sixteenth century in Florence. This famous painter studied separately under the Florentine painters before beginning his artistic career. His first artwork greatly influenced the Florentine painter Jacopo da Pontormo. 

Bronzino adapted his expressive style to create a brilliant masterpiece. Bronzino and Pontormo collaborated from 1523 to 1528 to do the interior decoration for two churches in Florentine. After moving to Pesaro in 1530, Bronzino briefly painted frescoes in Villa Imperiale. Then in 1532, he returned to Florence, and from then, he served as the court painter to Cosimo I. He was mainly engaged in a variety of commissions that included wedding decorations for the duke. 

Major Artwork by Agnolo Bronzino:

Agnolo Bronzino was a great Italian who made many masterpieces that you could still find all over the globe. Some of his popular artwork was like as mentioned below:-

  • Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time
  • Eleonora di Toledo col figlio Giovanni
  • Portrait of a Young Man
  • The Holy Family with the Infant Saint John the Baptist
  • LodovicoCapponi
  • A portrait of an unknown woman and boy

All these artwork are still available in popular art galleries in Florence. 

 Bronzino passed away on November 23, 1572, in Florence.