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Canaletto- The Proficient Italian Painter with Magical Artistic Hands

The son of a theatrical scene painter, Canaletto, born in Venice in 1697, gained popularity by bringing formulaic paintings. He was skilled and had those magical artistic hands that directed the flow of his paintbrushes. The famous painter was preferably working with dedicated workshops to showcase his skills and expertise. The English collectors didn’t ignore Canaletto’s recognition, and there was a shower of favors upon him. With his nephew Bellotto, Canaletto embarked on the journey of being a successful artist and was the most important assistant for Canaletto!

Canaletto Thrived Throughout his Life

Canaletto traveled very often from Venice to England, mostly from 1746 to 1756. He headed out to different countries and cities to present his paintings and artworks. He was thrilled by the motive of showcasing his form of art to tourists worldwide. Canaletto had a strong hand over the meticulous preparatory drawings. And in most times, he preferably used camera obscura for projecting the topographical accuracy upon some of his select designs. But with a majority of the designs, he preferred to continue leveraging the compositional design. He often worked on old sketches during his last days and died in the year 1768 but is still remembered for the essence of his paintings.

The Art Works that Remains and are Remembered!

With Canaletto gone, people want to live his vision through his paintings, and that is what is left behind as an unforgettable memory of his. The artworks that are praised to date are:

  • A Regatta on the Grand Canal- A sight of boat game conducted around a canal connected to the cities.
  • Eton College- The vibrant look of the humongous college.
  • London: Interior of the Rotunda at Ranelagh
  • San Marco: The Crossing and North Transept, with singing musicians
  • Piazza San Marco: The art represents a look towards the east from the South West corner.
  • Capriccio- It represents the Porta Portello and Ruins of Padua.