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The Avenue in the Rain

The Avenue in the Rain

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Childe Hassam - American Impressionist painter

The full name of Childe Hassam is Frederick Childe Hassam. He was a popular American Impressionist painter who was well known for his urban and coastal painting scenes. The best thing about this popular painter is that he was instrumental in promulgating Impressionism along with Mary Cassatt & John Henry Twachtman to American dealers, museums, and collectors. In American Art, Hassam was one of the major exponents of French Impressionism. 

The early life of Childe Hassam

The famous American Impressionist painter Childe Hassam was born in a family home of Olney Street in Meeting House Hillin the Dorchester on October 17, 1859. He was also popularly known as Childe. From 1886 to 1889, Hassam studied in Boston and Paris. While he was studying, he was influenced by the impressionists. He settled in New York City after his return from Paris. 

This American Impressionist painter was also a member of the group known as The Ten. The main subjects in which Hassam used to create paintings were scenes of New York, and his popular paintings are Washington Arch, spring in 1890. Hassam's father was a cutlery businessman and had a large collection of art and antiques. At a very early age, Hassam started developing an interest in art and attained his first lessons in drawings and watercolors in The Mather School. He was also excellent in boxing and swimming at Dorchester High School as a child. At seventeen, Hassam left high school and preferred to help and support his family by working. 

Popular work by Childe Hassam:

Childe Hassam created many notable works. Some of the popular artworks are mentioned below:-

  • View in Montmartre, Paris, 1889
  • Washington Arch, in Washington Square Park
  • Rainy Day, Boston (1885)
  • Late Afternoon, New York, Winter
  • Snowstorm, Madison Square
  • Celia Thaxter in her Garden
  • August Afternoon, Appledore
  • Church at Old Lyme, oil on canvas

Hassam was also rewarded Bronze Medal from Exposition Universelle, Paris, 1889, and Gold Medal (Lifetime Achievement) from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1920. He passed away on August 27, 1935