Eugene Delacroix

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Eugène Delacroix – A great romatic artist


The fantastic french romantic painter Eugène Delacroix was born on April 26, 1798, whose use of colors became more famous in those times. He influenced many people through his art. His arts are based on contemporary and historical events, and they provide an explained view of the events.

Early life

The father of Delacroix was Charles Delacroix, who was a government official and was the ambassador of Holland in 1798. His mother was Victoire Oeben, a descendent of the Oeben-Riesener family, who created furniture for the king and queen. At the age of 17, his interest was in classical studies, but eventually, his interest shifted towards theatre and music with due time. In  1822 he received the help of Adolphe Thiers, the statesman, and historian, who, as interior minister in the 1830s, put Delacroix in charge of architectural decorations.

Important artworks

Delacroix's first work was Dante and Virgil in Hell at Paris salon in 1822; it was his first masterpiece. It was a romantic painting of the 19th century that portrays the tragic feeling and life of Michelangelo. The use of rich color shows the influence of Peter Paul Rubens.

Between 1827 and 1832, Delacroix produced masterpieces in no time. Chief among them is The Death of Sardanapalus, which was produced in 1827. It depicts a violent and voluptuous subject in which slaves, women, animals, and jewels are combined in a sensual but somewhat incoherent situation. The Execution of the Doge Marino Faliero is based on medieval history.

He also painted many masterpieces like The Battle of Nancy, 1831, and Battle of Poitiers,1830. Delacroix adopted medium lithography and made 17 lithography masterpieces. In his late career, he was influenced by his visit to Morocco and painted many amazing artworks based on the Arab lifestyle.


His fascination with tragic moments, violence, and destruction made him one of the complex artistic figures of the 19th century. Delacroix died in 1863, leaving all of his works and colors behind. He made many artworks before his death, and till now, his artworks are remembered.