Fra Angelico

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Fra Angelico – A rare and perfect talent

Fra Angelico was born in 1395 and was an early renaissance painter. He was one of the greatest 15th-century painters, whose works within the framework of the early renaissance style embody a calm religious attitude and reflect a strong classical influence. Many works executed in his career are altarpieces and frescoes created for the church and the Priory of San Marco in Florence when he was residing there. 

Most of the paintings by Angelico are based on biblical themes. However, Angelico's work shows a keen interest in earthy existence as well his figures are realistic and show a remarkable study of perspective and chiaroscuro. His paintings offered alternatives to the traditional polyptych altarpiece type and projected the new naturalism of panel painting over a monumental scale.

Early life

Angelico worked with the artist Lorenzo Monaco, a manuscript illuminator and was in high demand at that time.  During Angelico's time in San Domenico, he painted a brilliant choir book known as the Message 558 and three altarpieces for the Dominican convent, including The Virgin and Child with Saints Thomas Aquinas, Barnabus, Dominic, and Peter Martyr, otherwise known as The SanDomenico Altarpiece (c.1422-3). Angelico's works at that time explained his loyalty to Dominican ideals, which revolve around the adoration of Christ and Mary.

Important artworks

The last judgment

In c.1424- 31, it shows the Christ decides whether one should go to heaven or hell.

The deposition of Christ

In c.1430-34, this shows that Christ is surrounded by many people who pray to him, including Marry Magdalene and Virgin Mary.

The annunciation

In 1432 – 34, this painting conveyed when Archangel announced to mary; she would become the mother of a son of God.

Coronation of the virgin

In c.1434 – 35, it shows the Virgin Mary's crown ceremony as the queen of heaven.

All of his works are important, but these are the well-known works due to which he got famous in 1454. Angelico died in the Dominican Priory. He got buried in the church of Santamaria Sopra Minerva.