Francesco Hayez

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Francesco Hayez – A renowned Italian painter

Francesco Hayez, an Italian painter, was born on 10th February 1791. He was a very renowned artist of the 19th century and was famous for portraits and historical paintings. He has been interested in painting since childhood.  Most of his paintings have the Nazarene movement. He has done many beautiful works but "the kiss" is the most famous one. At the age of 91, he died in Milan.

Remembered as a romantic painter

Hayez was the youngest son of Giovanni and Chiara. They have five children, and he was the younger one. His father was from France, and his mother was from Murano. Although he was not bought up by both his parents, but was loved by them. He was brought up by Chiara's sister.  Since childhood, he has had a keen interest in painting; his uncle noticed this and sent him to an art restorer in Venice. He became a student of Francesco Maggiotto for three years.

In 1806, he joined the painting course of the New Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. He won the competition at the Academy of Venice. Then he stayed at the Accademia di San Luca in Rome in the year 1809. Also, he was appointed as director of Brera academy in 1850. He painted themes from biblical or classical literature. Furthermore, he painted the theatrical presentation.

While he made more portraits of nobility, he also tried musicians and fellow artists. He painted many themes, but one of his favorite themes was clothed odalisque. It was a favorite topic of the most romantic painter. The depictions of harems and their women allowed the artists to paint scenes otherwise not acceptable within society. At the age of 91, he breathed his last. He is well known for many beautiful pieces of art. They are :

Destruction of  Temple of Jerusalem - 1867

Crusaders thirsting near – 1836 - 1850

Refugees of Parga - 1831

Sicilian vespera scene 1- 1821- 1822

Sicilian vespera scene 3 – 1821 - 22

Ruth - 1835

Odalisque – 1867

Portrait, Antonietta Vitali Sola - 1823

Susanna at her bath – 1859