George Inness

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A Bit Of Roman Aqueduct

A Bit Of Roman Aqueduct

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George Inness - A prominent American landscape painter

George Inness was considered the most prominent American Landscape painter who was popular during the nineteenth century. He was born on May 1, 1825, in Newburgh, New York. Inness was a self-taught artist, and one of his early works was The Lackawanna Valley, which he created in 1855. This artwork perfectly reflects the influence of Asher B. Durand and Thomas Cole. Inness was mostly known for his landscape art and paintings. He also took part in the movement of Hudson River School.

Early Life of George Inness:

This Prominent American Landscape painter, George Inness, was the fifth of thirteen children born to John William Inness. His father was a farmer. When Inness was five years old, his family moved to Newark, New Jersey. In 1839, he studied with an itinerant painter for several months. He also worked as a map engraver in New York City. During these years, Inness also attracted the attention of French landscape painters. 

He attended classes at the National Academy of Design throughout the mid-1840s. In 1848 Inness opened his first studio in New York. Then a year later, he got married to Delia, who died after few months of their marriage. After a year, Inness married Elizabeth Abigail. With his second wife, Inness had six children. In fact, during his lifetime Inness created many amazing paintings that inspired a lot of artists. 

Popular work by George Inness:

Some of the popular works by Inness are mentioned below:-

  • In the Berkshires, 1850
  • The Lackawanna Valley, c. 1856
  • Lake Albano, 1869
  • The Storm, oil on canvas, 1885
  • Lake Nemi, oil on canvas, 1857

At the age of sixty-nine, Inness died in Bridge of Allan, Scotland, on August 3, 1894. You can still find some of his popular paintings in the well-known art galleries kept as a collection.