Gilbert Stuart

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Gilbert Stuart: An American Portrait Painter


One of the renowned American portrait painters is Gilbert Charles Stuart, who is one of the best portraitists. He was the person who worked for the portrait of George Washington; however, unfortunately, he couldn't complete this as a result of his death. At this point, the picture appears on the one-dollar note.


As one of the most amazing portrait painters, Gilbert Stuart had covered up one thousand pictures of different people, including the six presidents of the United States of America. If you live somewhere in the USA and UK, you can still find his works in the National Gallery of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and National Portrait Gallery.


Early Life:

Like some of the portrait painters, Stuart was born in a rich and reputed family. Stuart started to show his ability in painting at Newport, Rhode Island, and he promised himself to be one of the known portrait painters in the world.


Many portrait painters were also experiencing dissatisfaction. Thus, Stuart wasn't an exclusion. After a certain period of time, he learned that it was difficult to earn money in this profession. And this forced him to return to Newport in 1773. He continued striving, and he left for England in 1775, where he studied for six years.


Famous Artworks:

Stuart succeeded at last in the year 1782 for painting the portrait of William Grant, which is known as "The Skater." He went to Dublin, Ireland, and moved to Germantown, Pennsylvania, where he opened an art studio. Stuart painted George Washington in a series of iconic portraits, which kept him busy, and he was generously compensated for a long time.


Lansdowne is another Washington's picture (work of Stuart) that is still hanging in the East Room of the White House. Stuart had painted twelve versions of the portraits, and the US states got their copies that are currently hanging in their state center.


 Final Year and Death:

Gilbert Stuart experienced a stroke that made him paralyzed. With this traumatic situation, he kept on painting for two years. He died when he was at the age of 72 in 1828. Nobody knows where he is buried because his family members couldn't move his body in Newport. But then, his existence is still recognized since his several pictures are still seen in some art museums.