Giuseppe Arcimboldo

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Giuseppe Arcimboldo- The Ingenious Portrait Painter


Giuseppe Arcimboldo was a prodigious portrait painter of the 16th century. He was born in Italy in the year 1527. What made him stand out from the rest of the portrait painters of that time was his unique style of portraying art. He was popularly known for his portraits by using inanimate objects like vegetables, books, fruits, flowers, and even fish. His artworks, although unique, have been termed grotesque by many art interpreters.

 His portraits are still put up for display in many national and international museums and art galleries. Because of the extraordinary style that this creative artist uses in his artwork, his pieces are used by psychologists and even neurologists for certain psychological diagnostic purposes.

 Early Life

It is to be noted that Giuseppe Arcimboldo belonged to a noble family. He had a great uncle, who was the Archbishop of Milan. And his father was an artist by profession. When he was 21 years old, he worked as a designer at local cathedrals. In the later years, he was appointed to design glass windows that were stained in Duomo. He even worked for Ferdinand 1. His early life was filled with high-profile works and immense career growth in the field of art. 

 Some Famous Artworks

 One of the cartoons that Giuseppe drew, known as the Dormition of the Virgin tapestry, still hangs in the Como Cathedral in Lombardi. His other well-known artworks include this famous royal portraiture, Maximillian II, His wife, and three children, displaying the Mannerist art style. The Four Seasons (1563-73) is another one from his collection of famous artworks. It includes a series of four awe-inspiring paintings. These are made using fruits, flowers, and straw with exquisite detailing. 

 The Librarian, painted in 1566, is another among his best-known artworks, mostly made of crockery. Some art interpreters say that it was panted to mock the richer class and the scholars.

 About His Death

 The infamous Giuseppe Arcimboldo died in 1593 on the 11th of July in Milan, Italy. The last eleven years of his life were spent working for Emperor Rudolf II. While in his service to the emperor, he was awarded immensely at his retirement from the service. These years can be counted as the most rewarding years in his career. He died at 66 due to kidney stones. He lived a life filled will great career achievements that will forever honor him as an exemplary artist.