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American Gothic

American Gothic Prints

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 Grant wood – The major exponent of Midwestern Regionalism

 Grant Wood was born on Feb 13, an American painter best known for his works and portrayed the American Midwest. In 1930, he exhibited his most famous painting, American Gothic. Among the most iconic and recognizable images in American art. 

In 1891, at Anamosa, Iowa. His father was a farmer who died in 1901, after which the family moved to Cedar Rapids. Wood had an interest in arts while studying in school, so he developed that talent while got college; there, Grant took drawing lessons from local artists and painted for many plays in his high school. He studied design briefly in Minneapolis at the Handicraft Guild, taught school near Cedar Rapids; in 1913, he took a job in a silversmith shop in Chicago and attended night classes at the Art Institute. In 1916 he registered at the Art Institute for full-time study as a "fresco painter."

His love for art was internal.

 Meanwhile, his mother fell ill, so he had to return to cedar rapids, and there, he took up a job as a grammar school teacher to support his family. Also, in these difficult times, he didn't lose his love for art. He was still learning art; his dedication to art made a local department store hold an exhibition that included several of his paintings and led to further commissions. During the 1920s, Wood was also able to find a way to travel to Europe, where he visited the museums of France and Italy and studied at the Académie Julian, and exhibited his work in Paris. He returned from these trips profoundly inspired by the Impressionists, whose pastoral subject matter spoke to his sensibilities. On Feb 12, 1942, he died in Lowa city.

Important artworks

  • American gothic (1930) is one of the most recognized American artwork of the 20th century. It depicts the rural life and anti-modernism of the united states.
  • The midnight ride of paul revere (1931) – depicts the American patriot Paul Revere during his midnight ride on Apr 18, 1775. The composition shows Revere on horseback racing through a colonial town square in Massachusetts from a bird's-eye view.
  • The perfectionist (1936) is a portrait of a woman directly looking at the viewers weirdly. It seems like she thinks what a perfectionist is.