Hieronymus Bosch

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Hieronymus Bosch - A Dutch Painter

The popular Dutch Painter, Hieronymus Bosch was born in 1450, Jheronimus van Aken. He is the most notable representative of the Early Netherlandish painting school from Brabant. Bosch generally works in oil on oak wood that contains fantastic illustrations of religious concepts and narratives. He was an early painter of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and many of his popular work shows sin and human moral failings. During his lifetime, his works were collected and mostly copied all over the globe. 

Early life of Hieronymus Bosch:

Bosch is considered one of the greatest artists of the Northern Renaissance. He is well known for his restless imaginative works rich in religious symbolism and allegory and includes the fantastical element. This Dutch painter was the fourth child born in his family. His parents were Antonius van Aken and Aleid van der Mynnen who had five children. Bosch's grandfather was among the prominent painters in the fifteenth century.

In 1463, Bosch witnesses the disaster where a fire raged through his town, obliterating his childhood home. This devastating event influenced Bosch's later work. The Dutch painter was a young man married to a merchant daughter who had a wealthy family background. Soon after his marriage, Bosh established a workshop and became an artist in his own right. He died and was buried on 9th August 1516. 

Popular work by Hieronymus Bosch:

There were many famous works created by Hieronymus Bosch which made him popular. Some of his best works are mentioned below:-

  • The Crucifixion of St Julia 
  • The Garden of Earthly Delights
  • Christ Before Pilate
  • Adoration of the Magi
  • Saint Gregory's Mass
  • Hermit Saints Triptych

The best thing about Bosch paintings is that they all are known for their fantastical imagery, illustrating moral and religious concepts.