Horace Vernet

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The Lion Hunt

The Lion Hunt

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Horace Vernet - A French painter

The Full name of Horace Vernet is Émile Jean-Horace Vernet. He was born in Paris, France, on 30 June 1789 during the French Revolution. This popular French painter was most commonly known for his battles, portraits, and Orientalist subjects. He is a well-known painter, draughtsman, and Lithographer who was a part of the Orientalist movement. His most notable work was The Battle of Valmy, which he created in 1826. 

The early life of Horace Vernet:

Horace Vernet was a son of a painter, Carle Vernet. At an early age, Vernet quickly develops a disdain for the high-minded seriousness of French academic work. In fact, the main subjects in which Horace Vernet mostly worked were related to contemporary life. In his early artwork, Vernet depicted the French soldier in a vernacular manner. At the age of twenty, this French painter exhibited the Taking of an Entrenched Camp. In fact, due to his effective paintings, he gained recognition during the Bourbon Restoration. 

From 1829 to 1835, Horace Vernet was appointed as the director of the French Academy in Rome. He was also honored with dozens of important commissions due to be high-skilled artwork. During the Crimean War, he accompanied the French Army and created many paintings that included the Battle scenes. Vernet was also interested in daguerreotype photography. In 1840 he took photographs in Egypt as a reference for his paintings. 

Popular work by Horace Vernet:

Many popular paintings were created by Horace Vernet. They are as follows:

  • The Battle of Valmy (painting) (1826)
  • Hunting in the Pontine Marshes (1833)
  • Polish Prometheus (1831)
  • Scene from the Mexican Expedition in 1838
  • The Taking of the Malakoff Redoubt (1858)
  • Siege of Saragossa (1819)

At the age of seventy-three, Horace Vernet died in Paris, France, on 17 January 1863.