Ilya Repin

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Ilya Repin - Ukrainian-born Russian Realist Painter

Ilya Repin is one of the most renowned Russian artists born in Ukrainian on 5th August 1844. He was an artist of the 19th Century. In fact, Repin played a great role in bringing Russian art to the European cultural mainstream. He was a part of the realism movement and was awarded a Gold medal in the Imperial Academy of Arts in 1871. Repin was the most talented Russian painter during his time and was well-known for his effective artwork. 

Early work of Ilya Repin:

Ilya Repin was well known for the power and drama of his work. He was born in a low-income family near Kharkiv, Russia. In 1864, he became a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. He also learned his trade from Bunakov, a painter of icons. After winning the Academy scholarship, he visited France and Italy to enhance his painting career. He became a professor of historical painting at the academy in St. Petersburg in 1894. 

In the Soviet Union, The Powerful Volga Bargemen serve as a socialist and realist painting model. At the Exhibition of Works of Creative Art, his paintings were exhibited in Saint Petersburg. He re-joined the Itinerants society in 1897 and was appointed rector of the Higher Artistic School for the year. 

Popular artwork by Ilya Repin:

Some of the popular artworks created by this famous Russian Realist Painter are mentioned below: -

  • The Revival of the Daughter of Jairus
  • They Did Not Expect Him (c. 1886)
  • Neapolitan Woman (1894)
  • Notes on Fishing (1847)
  • The Family Chronicle (1856)
  • The Little Scarlet Flower (1858)
  • Barge Haulers on the Volga (1870–1873)
  • Religious Procession in Kursk Province (1880–1883)

At eighty-six, Ilya Repin died in Kuokkala, Viipuri Province, Finland, on 29th September 1930.