Ivan Shishkin Paintings

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Morning in the Pine-tree Forest

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The Ninth Wave (1850)

The Ninth Wave (1850)

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Ivan Shishkin  : one of the greatest Russian landscape painters

Ivan Shishkin is one of the most famous Russian landscape painters. He was born in Yelabuga on 25 January 1832. Ivan was interested in literature and art since childhood. Ivan was a student at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, and he was awarded the academy's gold medal. He also received a stipend to travel the art capitals in the world, including Prague, Munich, and Dusseldorf. During 40 years of his artist life, Ivan produced hundreds of paintings, and drawings, and a large number of engravings.

Early life

Ivan was born in a Merchant family, and his father was a broad-minded man, and he supported Ivan after long hesitation. After the visit to the Dusseldorf school, Ivan was inspired by the artworks of nature. Ivan also mastered techniques like etching and lithography. After returning to Russia, he settled in St. Petersburg, joining the Itinerants' Society of Traveling Exhibitions. He also took part in the exhibitions on the academy.

In his later period, Ivan owned a Dacha in St. Petersburg, and there he produced some of his greatest landscapes. His works were a reflection of wild nature, woods, birds, and animals. And in 1891, he was appointed as the professor-director of the landscape class in the Academy's Advanced Art School. Later, Ivan started working with Ivan Kramskoy in St. Petersburg. 

Famous works

His first and one of the most famous paintings  was Noon in the Neighborhood of Moscow, and he loved to draw daytime scenes full of life. His famous works are Pine Forest in Viatka Province, Path in a forest, Rye, Oaks, and Coniferous forest. All of his artworks were so detailed that the critics called them colored pictures. But despite this, the paintings were famous because they gave the viewers a finished and full impression. The next generation did not fail to acknowledge his mastery.