James Abbott McNeill Whistler

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Marilyn Monroe and James Dean Painting

Marilyn Monroe and James Dean Painting

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The Era of an American Artist- James Abbott


James Abbott, a renowned American artist, based in the United Kingdom, was born on July 11, 1834. He had a strong hand in sentimental and allusion paintings. He used to give a signature of a styled butterfly on all of his paintings. The symbol had a long stinger for the tail. As per the records and statements, this symbol replicates the personality of James Abbott. His passion was diverse, and he did find his interest in both music as well as painting. And he tried to blend both of these passions into one and added tonal harmony to most of his paintings. 


The Destiny of an American Artist


James Abbott, in his early career, was willing to serve the ministry by joining the military. He had the ambition to work as a mapmaker in the country military. But his destiny made him study art in Paris and continue pursuing the career, name, and fame as a reputed American painter! Every title of his paintings had the music terminology in it. He lost his life in London on July 17, 1903. It was just 6 days after he celebrated his 69th birthday. His artworks have made him immortal in the modern world. He rests in Chiswick Old Cemetery, in the West London, that adjoins with the St Nicholas Church, Chiswick. 


The Immortal Arts, Painted by James Abbott


These arts signify the passion that James had within him, thereby replicating his ideas and sentiments in the form of painting. And here are just a few of the many names that played a major part in making him popular:


  1. Whistler’s Mother- It is an arrangement of black & grey that replicates the painting of his mother. 
  2. Symphony in White, No-1: The White Girl- A painting of a woman in her full figure standing upon wolf-skin. 
  3. The Peacock Room- It replicates the masterpiece of interior decoration.