John Martin

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John Martin- The master of portraying human relationships effectively

John Martin was an artist known mostly for painting bold and eccentric styles. He was widely known worldwide as a contemporary artist and as the main player of England’s Romantic movement. In this movement, he mostly portrayed the human relationship in the natural world. He painted so many notable works along with the numerous apocalyptic scenes that could produce emotions of terror. 


Birth & early works of Martin:

John Martin was a painter who was born in the year 1789 in England. He was born in a poor family, and at the age of 14, he studied heraldic painting. He had started learning the painting under the guidance of Boniface Musso. Later, in 1806, he and his son tried to establish a painting business in London. But within three years, he got bankrupt and then started working in the glassmaking company. 


At this period, he completed his painting, A Landscape Composition, which became part of the Royal Academy of Arts in London in 1811. In 1812, he painted based on a Persian-themed story to paint Sadak in Search of the Water of Oblivion. The whole story was based on a man climbing into a formidable rocky terrain. Besides that, he also worked on Sadak, which received huge public appreciation and was purchased by a couple. Later on, he started working on classical mythology and Bible scenes. 


Important works & death:


As the popularity of Martin grew day by day, he started focusing on this and painted so many other Paintings that are named Belshazzar’s Feast, The Coronation of Queen Victoria, The Fall of Babylon, The Great Day of His Wrath, The Fall of NinevehParadise LostParadise Lost illustrations, The Last Judgment, The Great Day of His Wrath, and so on. So many people purchased his paintings to help him with his financial issues. He died in the year 1854.