Konstantin Korovin

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Konstantin Korovin – leading Russian impressionist painter

Konstantin was born on 5th Dec 1861 in Moscow to a merchant family officially registered as "peasants of Vladimir Gubernia." His father, Aleksey Mikhailovich Korovin, who earned a university degree, was more interested in arts and music than in the family business established by Konstantin's grandfather. Konstantin's older brother Sergei Korovin was a famous realist painter. Konstantin's relative Illarion Pryanishnikov was also a prominent painter and a teacher at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture. In 1875 Korovin took admission in the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, where he studied with Vasily Perov and Alexei Savrasov. His brother Sergei was already a student at the school. During their student years, the Korovins became friends with Valentin Serov and Isaac Levitan; Konstantin maintained these friendships throughout his life. In 1881, Korovin spent a year at the imperial academy of arts in st. Petersburg, but returned to Moscow school of painting disappointed.

The delicate web shades of grey

His trip to the north, with Valentin Serov in 1894, coincided with the construction of the Northern Railway. Korovin painted many landscapes of Norwegian Port, St. Triphon's Brook in Pechenga, Hammerfest in Aurora Borealis, The Coast at Murmansk. The paintings are built on a delicate web of shades of grey. The different style of these works was typical for Korovin's art of the 1890s. He painted ten big canvasses for the pavilion, showcasing various aspects of life in the northern and Arctic regions. After the end of the Exhibition, the canvasses were eventually placed in the Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal in Moscow. In the 1960s, they were restored and transferred to the Tretyakov Gallery.

Important artworks

  • Twilight in a Room. The 1880s
  • Hammerfest: Aurora Borealis. 1894–1895
  • Arkhangelsk Port on the Dvina. 1894
  • Parisian Cafe. The late 1890s
  • Paris. Café de la Paix. 1906
  • Theatrical Composition. The 1910s
  • Two Ladies on a Terrace. 1911
  • Moonlit Night, Winter. 1913