Lucas Cranach the Elder

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Lucas Cranach the Elder - A German Renaissance painter

The great German Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach the Elder was born in Lucas Maler in 1472. He was a court painter and printmaker in woodcut and engraving and was well known for his portraits. Lucas Cranach the Elder was also used to create a painting on religious subjects. Throughout his career, he used to paint nude subjects drawn from mythology and religion. He was the most important and influential artists in 16th-century German art

The early life of Lucas Cranach the Elder 

Lucas Cranach the Elder learned the art of drawing from his father, a painter named Hans Maler. This popular painter's mother was Hubner, died in 1491. Cranach lived on the southwest corner of the marketplace in Wittenberg from 1504 to 1520. Before the end of the fifteenth century, Cranach becomes a popular painter. At an early age, Lucas Cranach the Elder was very active in different branches of profession like decorative painting, woodcuts, designing the coins, engravings, and much more. 

Lucas Cranach the Elder painted several art pieces before 1508 for the Castle Church at Wittenberg. Cranach went to the Netherlands in 1509 and painted Emperor Maximillian and was also a court painter to the electors of Saxony in Wittenberg. His patrons were powerful supporters of Martin Luther. 

Popular work by Lucas Cranach, the Elder:

Some of the popular works by Lucas Cranach, the Elder, are mentioned below:-

  • Apollo and Diana, 1530
  • Portrait of Martin Luther, 1529
  • Hunting near Hartenfels castle, 1540
  • Adam and Eve, woodcut, 1509
  • The Birth of John the Baptist, 1518
  • Johannes Stephan Reuss (1503)     

There were many more works than the art mentioned above that Lucas Cranach, the Elder, created. He created many amazing paintings during his lifetime and died at the age of 80 on 16 October 1553.