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Two Tahitian Women

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The Lac D Annecy

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A Bend In The Road

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Paul Cezanne- the forefather of fauvism 


In 1839 on 19 January, Paul Cezanne was born in the south of France. His father was a wealthy banker who wanted Cezanne to follow his example. But his mother was vibrant and romantic and inspired her son's vision of life. 


When he was 13, Cezanne became friends with Emile Zola. They were close friends, dreaming of success, Zola as a writer and Cezanne as a painter. Cezanne's father did not want his son to pursue an art career, so when he was 19, he attended law school to appease his father's wishes. Cezanne kept taking drawing lessons for many years, but soon word from Zola came, and after hearing about his old friend trying to be a writer in pairs, he left law school to join him. 

Life and career

He twice supplied to attend the prestigious Ecole the Bizerte but was rejected by the jury; instead, Cezanne kept up his training by a frequent visitor to art galleries where he copied the work of great artists like Michelangelo. Cezanne attempted to cement his work for an exhibition at the Salon, but they refused all his submissions.

Early life

 In 1873 s radical group of artists known as the impressionists' debuted an art show. It was a special exhibit created to show the art of artists who the Salon continuously rejected. Cezanne was among the exhibitors, along with many more popular artists. Even though he was a part of this exhibit, Cezanne would take many more years to find his place in art. He would come to be considered the important link between impressionism and cubism. 

Success story and death

After the exhibit, Cezanne spent a decade away from Paris, and during this time, Cezanne created his theory of art. He wanted to recreate things as he saw in nature in simple form and colors. In his later years, he saw less of his friends, but his works were lauded by big art critics who helped restore public interest in his work. In 1885 Cezanne held his first one-man exhibition n Paris, and his reputation as an artist grew quickly. In the fall of 1906, after being caught in a storm, Cezanne contracted pneumonia and passed away. Check Famous paintings and art paul cezanne at Fame Art gallery online