Paul Klee

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Paul Klee – The Famous Swiss Born German Artist


Paul Klee is best known for his unique style influenced by cubism, surrealism, orientalism, and expressionism. Klee was a Swiss-born German painter and a natural draftsman, one of the famous artists in the 20th century. He explored the color theory and experimented with them through his painting. Klee’s notable work includes 10,000 paintings, drawings, and etchings.

Early Life

Paul Klee took birth on 18 December 1879 to a German father and a Swiss mother. Encouraged by his family’s musical history, he brought a violin at the age of seven. His other hobbies were drawing and writing poems. Later, Klee focused on his drawing skills. Klee then participated in the second Blaue Reiter exhibition in 1912 and saw works of other avant-garde artists. In the same year, Klee visited Delaunay’s studio in Paris. Then he traveled to Tunisia in 1914, where he declared his diaries and drew watercolor landscapes.

Notable Artworks 

Blossom in the Night is Paul Klee’s famous painting of the year 1930. This painting is at the San Fransico Museum of Modern Art. 

The Goldfish 1925, this painting depicts a golden fish in the deep blue ocean. 

The following year, he painted Around the Fish, where constellations of several elements surround a fish. 

In 1932, he painted Mask of Fear, a strange painting that contains a visage of stunning eyes and four small spindly legs. 

Revolution of the Viaduct was one of his surrealistic styles of work. Fire in the Evening, A Young Lady’s Adventure, Flower Myth, Red Balloon, Senecio were his other notable artforms. Some of his early paintings were Winged Hero, which showed etchings in painting, Hammamet with Its Mosque, a watercolor and pencil art.

Final Days

Paul Klee at Muralto, Switzerland, at the age of 60, on 29 June 1940. Death and Fire 1940 is an expressionist painting before his death. In the year 2018, a Google Doodle was created on his 139th birthday.