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Types of Canvas Wrap Edges

Canvas wrap edges refer to the way in which a canvas print is finished on the sides of the frame. These edges can impact the overall appearance and aesthetic of the artwork. Here are three common types of canvas wrap edges:

  1. Full Image Wrap:

    • In a full image wrap, the entire image from the front of the canvas is continued or "wrapped" around the sides of the frame. This means that the image extends onto the edges, and there is no border or blank space on the sides. The result is a seamless and continuous appearance, making it ideal for artwork that features a central subject or design that is meant to be displayed without interruption. It gives the artwork a modern and clean look.
  2. Mirror Wrap:

    • Most preferred by our customers : A mirror wrap involves taking a portion of the image from the front and mirroring it onto the sides of the canvas. This creates the illusion of a continuation of the image and is often used when the original image has details or elements near the edges that need to be preserved. Mirror wrapping can help maintain the visual integrity of the artwork while ensuring that no essential parts of the image are lost to the sides.  
  3. Solid Color Wrap:

    • With a solid color wrap, the sides of the canvas are covered with a single, usually complementary, color that is different from the image on the front. This is an option when you want to add a border around the artwork. Solid color wraps  ( like black or white) are particularly useful if you want to enhance the contrast between the artwork and the wall it's displayed on.

The choice of canvas wrap edge type is a matter of personal preference and depends on the style of the artwork, the intended display environment, and the overall effect you wish to achieve. Each type has its own visual impact, so it's essential to consider how it complements the specific artwork and the ambiance of the space in which it will be hung.

Fame Art Gallery offers the flexibility to choose from any of these three canvas wrap edge types. You can specify your preference by including a note at the checkout or by informing us via email on, along with your order number, within four hours of placing your order. In the absence of your preference communicated within this four-hour window, we will select mirror wrap.