How to Choose Large Wall Art


You can't go wrong with massive wall art if you're searching for a piece of décor for your living room that holds an impact. You don't need to remodel your interior to make a statement about enhancing your sitting room. You can change the appearance of your sitting area by adding some big wall art (and a few uncomplicated accessories). 

Canvas prints  are a great way to display your attitude and sense of style, whether your taste is modern or classic. Choosing the perfect artwork for your living room can be challenging, particularly if you have a big wall to cover. The correct large wall painting can give a place a lot of character and personality, so picking one is crucial. This piece will review recommendations for choosing large wall paintings for your living area.

Let's begin with basic guidelines to help you choose the appropriate wall art dimensions for your room and improve your decorating abilities. Some elementary arithmetic is required, but believe me, it will be worthwhile.

Everything you need to know about selecting art for your sitting room is here.

You'll want the dimensions of your art prints to be ideal for the area, whether you want to decorate a big wall leading up your stairwell, the blank space above your sofa, or the blank wall in the bedroom. I am aware that there are situations when rules should be disregarded, but when it comes to resizing, these guidelines are a wonderful guide to help you get started. The central area of a house is the living room. All the squares of the building overlap in that one shared square. Whether your sitting room is formal, casual, or semi-formal, it typically fosters conversation and interaction. As a result, it is the only room in the house that merits a heavy dosage of art.

Determine the style: The painting you select should reflect the manner of your living space. You may wish to pick an artwork that is classical or represents a literary scenario if your living room is traditional. You might want to select a postmodern or abstract artwork for your living room.

Consider the color theme: The painting's hue should go well with the color palette in your living area. If the color scheme of your sitting area is muted, you can choose a picture with strong hues to liven it up. You can choose a picture with subdued hues to balance a room with many colors, such as a sitting room.

Keep in mind the atmosphere: Your choice of the picture should be influenced by the environment of your living room. Choose a picture with gentle tones and lines if you want to make a calm and soothing atmosphere. Choose a painting with vibrant hues and stronger lines to create a bold and stimulating environment.

Find a focus point: A large wall painting might benefit your living room's sitting area. Pick a picture with a strong focal point or eye-catching topic. This might be a fanciful pattern, a scenery, or a headshot.

Pick the correct frame: The selected frame can impact your artwork's effect on the space. Without overpowering it, a basic, elegant frame can improve the artwork. An elaborate, ornamental frame can take away from the artwork and make it seem unappealing. Consider the illumination: Your living room's lighting can sway how your picture is interpreted. Pick a piece of art that appears appealing in organic and synthetic lighting. Add some accent lighting to draw attention to the artwork and create a theatrical effect.

Here are the best ideas for Large Wall Art for Living Room

Astonishing Huge Living Room Wall Art

Create a unique dwelling space. While it's essential to incorporate recent trends into your home, you should also add value to your style. Large wall art is a wonderful method to inject some originality. We were fortunate enough to obtain the latest James Webb NASA images. Galaxy landscapes are back in style, and space-themed decor is making a major comeback! These ground-breaking pictures of the heavens have piqued the world's interest and passion. With a sparkling, space-themed painting of one of the James Webb images, you can dramatically change the appearance of your sitting room. To retain a contemporary appearance and highlight your oversized print, pair this print with a room that is primarily neutral.

Living Area Modern Wall Painting

Looking for the hottest contemporary styles paintings  for 2023? We have your protection. Our art director, Tirzah Goodman, pointed out geometric wall pieces as one of the greatest additions for the new period. Due to their multi-panel design, these designs elevate abstract motifs to a whole new level. Both options include a single pattern with divided panels or a pair or trio of similar patterns. Choose a print that spans the length of your couch or primary seating space on the wall of your living room. Try out a variety of brilliant, warm, and cold tones for more variance and visual depth. A geometric pattern will keep the contemporary appearance while bringing a playful element to a room that feels a little too neutral.

Artsy large wall decorations

For an extremely simple way to add a tribal flavor to your living room, choose big wall décor. Consider a trendy multi-panel painting to go with the boho look. We'll get into the specifics of canvas widths and configurations later. For a chic, risk-free ensemble, opt for a minimalist floral pattern. Pair your print with vintage furnishing for a blend of traditional and modern. Add opulent fabrics like velvet to your area in addition to traditional bohemian materials like crochet, macrame, and wicker. Wall art is a wonderful way to coordinate your colors and styles and ensure that everything about your décor appears to be there on purpose.

The following main themes for large wall art 2023

These patterns all share a character. The year 2023 is all about having safe places that are teeming with light and good vibes. Elimar suggests using sustainable and natural materials, as well as various kinds of wood, and handcrafted textiles, as final touches.

A Color Scheme That Is Eye-Catching

Even by itself, a large piece of wall art is stunning. The scale of the canvas will do that on its own; you don't need to use a lot of vibrant hues to make a focus point!

Using no color at all is another method to balance the size of your artwork. Matt and grey can still have a big impact without ever looking garish. No color is more adaptable than these colorless tones, whether traditional or modern.

Violet will forever be the most popular choice of color for artwork. Although it isn't a neutral color, you can use much of it without looking out of place. Homeowners can use blue to their advantage, regardless of whether their aesthetic is vintage or abstract.

Shapes of living room wall art

Are you unsure of which measurement will work best in your room? Check out this passage from our guide to the perfect size for large art, The Definitive Wall Art Size Guide:

Looking for something massive, dramatic, and vacant to hang on a huge wall? We've got you!

Select a large wall decor component measuring 68 inches by 45 inches in height and girth. This is the ideal canvas size to cover the wall above your sofa or bed completely. It adds a luxurious flourish and gives your area a dramatic, enticing appearance.

Make sure to indicate the areas where you want to place your properly sized wall art before placing it. Use paper tape to label the painting so you can see it before purchasing or drilling a hole in the wall.

Framed Wall Painting 

If you're having problems deciding which design will look best in your living room, think about whether you want a framed or open picture. Framed prints have a standard appearance and come in various single-panel forms. By straying from the basic rectangular, you can add a contemporary touch. Contemplate wide-angle images for lengthy walls or a vertical, narrow piece. Check out this summary of framed vs. frameless wall art from our piece if you're interested in learning more about the advantages of framed artwork:

  • A Finished Image
  • Framed art always appears stylish and sophisticated. The air of elegance implicitly influence the viewer's impression of your entire area.
  • A phantasm of floating
  • The photo appears to be hovering inside the frame due to the deliberate space left between the canvas and the frame, giving your wall art an ethereal, three-dimensional appearance.
  • Minimal Presentation

Another notable aesthetic additional benefit of framed art is how open and airy it appears, which ultimately gives the space a cleaner appearance.

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