Mountain River Painting

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1. Select Type: Canvas Print

Canvas Print
Original- Handpainted
Framed Paper Print
Unframed Paper Print

2. Select Finish Option: Streched Canvas

Streched Canvas
Black Floating Frame
White Floating Frame
Brown Floating Frame
Rolled Canvas
Rolled- No Frame
Black Frame No Matt
White Frame No Matt
Black Frame with Matt
White Frame with Matt

3. Select Size: 30cm X 22cm [12" x 9"]

30cm X 22cm [12" x 9"]
60cm X 50cm [24" x 20"]
90cm X 60cm [36" x 24"]
100cm X 75cm [40" x 30"]
120cm X 90cm [48" x36"]
150cm X 100cm [60" x 40"]
160cm x 120cm [64" x 48"]
190cm X 134cm [75" x 53"]
50cm X 60cm [20" x 24"]
60cm X 90cm [24" x 36"]
75cm X 100cm [30" x 40"]
90cm X 120cm [36" x 48"]
100cm x 140cm [40" x 56"]
100cm X 150cm [40" x 60"]
120cm x 160cm [48" x 64 "]
120cm X 180cm [48" x 70"]
135cm X 200cm [54" x 79"]
205cm x 165cm [81" x 65Ó]
228cm x 183cm [90Ó x 72Ó]
11.69 x16.54"(A3)
16.54 x 23.39"(A2)
23.39 x 33.11"(A1)
31.11 x 46.81"(A0)
36x 54" Inches
Vendor: Angel Daisy

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Abouts This Art

Stretched Canvas Wall Art

Stretched  and ready to hang


Rolled Canvas Wall Art

Rolled in a tube so you can frame it at a local Framing shop or at home

  Framed Art prints

Ready to hang 

Frame art prints


Original and hand painted by our Artists 


Type & Sizes
1. Select Type

Canvas Print, Original- Handpainted, Framed Paper Print, Unframed Paper Print

2. Select Finish Option

Streched Canvas, Black Floating Frame, White Floating Frame, Brown Floating Frame, Rolled Canvas, Rolled- No Frame, Black Frame No Matt, White Frame No Matt, Black Frame with Matt, White Frame with Matt

3. Select Size

30cm X 22cm [12" x 9"], 60cm X 50cm [24" x 20"], 90cm X 60cm [36" x 24"], 100cm X 75cm [40" x 30"], 120cm X 90cm [48" x36"], 150cm X 100cm [60" x 40"], 160cm x 120cm [64" x 48"], 190cm X 134cm [75" x 53"], 50cm X 60cm [20" x 24"], 60cm X 90cm [24" x 36"], 75cm X 100cm [30" x 40"], 90cm X 120cm [36" x 48"], 100cm x 140cm [40" x 56"], 100cm X 150cm [40" x 60"], 120cm x 160cm [48" x 64 "], 120cm X 180cm [48" x 70"], 135cm X 200cm [54" x 79"], 205cm x 165cm [81" x 65Ó], 228cm x 183cm [90Ó x 72Ó], 37x37cm, 59x59cm, 75x75cm, 100x100cm, 118x118cm, 11.69 x16.54"(A3), 16.54 x 23.39"(A2), 23.39 x 33.11"(A1), 31.11 x 46.81"(A0), 36x 54" Inches