Santorini Painting  3

Santorini Painting 3

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1. Select Type: Canvas Print

Canvas Print

2. Select Finish Option: Streched Canvas

Streched Canvas

3. Select Size: 22cm X 30cm [9" x 12"]

22cm X 30cm [9" x 12"]
SKU: SSPB-148-S1

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Abouts This Art

The white sail boat stands in stark relief to the deep blues of the ocean and sky in this stunning Santorini painting. The white buildings depicted in various shades of white and cream sit poised on the Greek isles in glorious realism. This is a must have work of art worthy of your best space.

Type & Sizes
1. Select Type

Canvas Print

2. Select Finish Option

Streched Canvas

3. Select Size

22cm X 30cm [9" x 12"]